4 best over-the-range microwaves of 2017

4 best over-the-range microwaves of 2017

A well-equipped kitchen is pretty much an essential in today’s times. A fridge that can stock a large number of food items, a cooktop, and a microwave that make for convenient cooking experiences, a dishwasher to clean up after a hearty meal, etc. are among the many appliances that make life a whole lot easier. And there is no denying that microwaves hit the nail on the head with regards to making life simple in the kitchen.

From baking to cooking to warming food up, a microwave does all of this in almost half the time as compared to the traditional ways of doing them. And this is one of the appliances that most Americans can barely do without. When they first entered the market, counter-top microwaves were the trend, but technology has evolved, and so have microwaves.Today, a lot of people are opting for over range microwaves. Also termed as OTR, over range microwaves are placed just above the cooktop.

Two well-noted benefits of over range microwaves owing to which they are becoming the new trend in most American kitchens are:

  • Space savers

Since it is placed just above your cooktop, over range microwaves do a fantastic job at saving space and making your kitchen counter look clutter-free. This especially holds true if you have a small kitchen.

  • Keeps your kitchen smelling fresh

Since over range microwaves come with inbuilt fans, it also acts as a range hood, driving out any smoke, food odor or steam from your kitchen. This ensures that you have a fresh smelling kitchen.

Now that you know how beneficial over range microwaves are, here are four of the best OTRs trending in the American market:

  • Frigidaire FFMV1645TS

This oven is a 1,000-watt one that comes in a medium size of about 1.6 cubic feet. Built with a stainless steel body, this OTR is priced at USD 259. It also comes with a 2.5-inch turntable, auto-sensing selections, and a 120/220 CFM fan that does a great job at clearing your kitchen of any odor, smoke, and steam. The two LED surface lights on the microwave do a great job of lighting up your cooktop. It also has one LED interior light. This fantastic power-packed OTR that comes with a year’s warranty on parts and labor is available in black, silver mist, and black stainless steel.

  • KitchenAid KMHS120ESS

Boasting a sleek design this KitchenAid OTR has a 2.0 cubic foot interior body, a 14-inch turntable and a well-featured control panel. It has a 200 CFM fan than does a speedy job at removing any odor, smoke, and steam from your kitchen. It also has a Lo / Hi halogen bulb that produces a clear, bright light that enhances your cooking experience. This OTR starts from USD 550 and comes with a one year’s warranty on the entire appliance.

  • LG LMV1683ST

Equipped with a user-friendly control panel, this OTR from LG is a 1,000 watt, 1.6 cubic foot microwave that has a 12.5-inch turntable and a two-speed 300 CFM fan with a charcoal filter. It also comes with a year warranty on labor and parts. Starting from about USD 220, this microwave comes with minimum frills and fancies but is a complete value for money.

  • GE JVM7195SKSS

This OTR which is an American favorite has a traditional look, is set in a stainless steel body, and boasts a fantastic performance. With a 1.9 cubic foot interior, a 14.5-inch turntable, and a powerful 400 CFM three-spread fan, this microwave truly delivers a power-packed performance. It also has a metal oven rack that acts as a separator for multiple level cooking. And all of this for just about USD 399!

So, which of the above listed over range microwaves are you buying for your house?