All you need to know about Iphone 7Plus

All you need to know about Iphone 7Plus

With iPhone 7 Plus becoming popular among smartphone users, some questions also come occasionally in the minds of iPhone 7 users. The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB memory included smartphone has incited the interest of people from across the globe. However, to clear any doubts or misconceptions that iPhone 7 users might have certain questions that need to be answered.

SIM Free usage

When it is mentioned that iPhone 7 is “SIM-free,” it means that the iPhone was not shipped with a carrier SIM card. The iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB variant is SIM-free, and as a user, you can always choose a SIM card from any of the carriers which provides you with iPhone 7 Plus.

Choosing the right variant

The iPhone comes in two variants, the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB and iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. More the number of Gigabytes, the more data you can store comfortably on your iPhone. This can include apps, games, music, movies and HD videos.

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is the better option if a large amount of data, movies or music has to be stored. If however, you are among those who store fewer amounts of data or apps on your iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB variant could be a better option for you.

Is the iPhone 7 ready to use always?

If the carrier activation steps for Sprint or Verizon have been completed on the purchase of the iPhone, it is ready to use on its arrival. You only need to turn it on and follow all the activation steps. If however, the carrier activation at time of purchase has been skipped, an active SIM card to set up the account has to be used.

If the iPhone 7 has been chosen for T-mobile, it comes with appropriate Nano-SIM, but the T-Mobile or Apple store has to be contacted for activation of the phone.

In cases, when the SIM-free iPhone 7 has been selected, a Nano SIM card has to be inserted. It can also be chosen from any of the supported carriers.

Mobile phone carriers providing iPhone service

T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T are among the carriers which support iPhone 7 services in the United States. The iPhone in the United States can also be purchased from any of the authorized Apple resellers.

Can iPhone be used while traveling internationally?

iPhone seven models are usable throughout the world, and there is no such restriction in their usage in any particular area or location. Users having GSM or CDMA can roam in the majority of countries on different GSM networks. LTE data availability, however, varies in different countries and this might be a limitation when it comes to using the iPhone. The user should, therefore, get in touch with their wireless carrier when it comes to international roaming rates and availability of iPhone network in these different countries.

Can an old smartphone be traded for iPhone?

It is always possible to trade in the old smartphone for new iPhone at any of the Apple stores. If the old smartphone is accepted for trading, the customer will get a discount, and the amount will be credited to their account when they purchase a new iPhone 7. The amount can also be traded through an Apple gift card, and it will in all likelihood arrive in a short time at the destination of the user.

The users can also purchase the new iPhone 7 on a full monthly payment, or the same can be done through Equal Monthly Installments as the case might be.

iPhone 7 is an innovation in mobile technology, and it is the right time to head out to the store and make a worthy purchase.